Your Headshot Session

The Shoot

   When you arrive, we'll start by discussing your specific headshot needs. Before your session, take time to consider what types of roles you're best suited to play so that we can make sure you get the headshots you need to get those auditions. Also, be sure to talk to your agent or manager to be sure that you're on the same page in regards to your needs.  We'll then look through your clothing options (more on that later) and work together to put together your looks. If you've chosen to get hair/makeup for the shoot, please arrive with your hair and face clean, and free of any products. Your initial setup will take about 30 minutes. You'll then be ready to change into your first outfit and we'll start shooting.


   When you come to shoot with me, I ask that you bring a selection of clothing options. Once you're here, we can work together to pick out looks that work for you, and work for the camera. Unless you specifically need full length or 3/4 shots, you should really only concern yourself with tops, since most of your shots will only frame your head and shoulders. Ultimately, the choice of what you wear in your headshots is up to you, but I do have some tips. First of all, bring clothes that you love. If you don't love the clothes you're wearing then you won't feel comfortable in them, and that discomfort will inevitably show up in the photos. 

   Your choice of clothing is a chance to show off your unique personality and style, so use it. That being said, try to avoid anything that draws too much focus from your face, such as busy patterns or complicated neck-lines. Interesting textures and layers tend to photograph well, and if you're looking for commercial shots, be sure to bring a few options with bright, bold colors. Of course, if you don't bring it, we can't shoot it, so be sure to bring a good range of options.

Hair & Makeup

   I work with a fantastic hair & makeup artist, who sets her own rates for headshots. If you choose to get hair/makeup for the shoot, you should arrive with a clean face and clean hair, and she will set you up before we begin shooting. She will then stay for the entire shoot to keep everything in order, and make any necessary changes between looks. I highly recommend that any women getting headshots also get hair and makeup, since doing makeup for the camera is different than makeup for daily life. I don't require that anyone gets hair and makeup for the shoot, but, again, I do highly recommend it for women. For men, hair and makeup is less necessary, but if you require special grooming or styling, it is available. Also, if you are able to grow facial hair, you have the option to come to the shoot with stubble or facial hair, and shave halfway through the session. More information on hair and makeup services is available on the rates page.

Viewing and Retouching

   After we finish shooting, I will upload the images we select to a secure web album for viewing. You can share this album with friends, family, agents, etc., to help choose the images you would like to have retouched for printing. I include 1 retouched images with each look, and shoot with retouching in mind. I retouch every selected photo myself, and make sure that they don't look "retouched." I keep skin tones and texture natural-looking, while minimizing blemishes, under-eye circles, stray hairs, or other unwanted elements. I also correct contrast and color tones for optimal impact.  Retouching generally takes 2-3 days, at which point I will deliver two versions of each selected image, one full resolution, uncompressed version for printing, and another smaller file, optimized for online uploads or email attachments. 


Natural light and studio light each offer their own unique looks and advantages. For this reason, I offer both options, and can easily split your shoot between the two. You can choose which looks you'd like to shoot in each lighting style, my only recommendation is to shoot any commercial looks in the studio.

Using Format